House of Holland
House of Holland



Max Wallis is a poet and artist based in East London. Widely published in both poetry journals and magazines, Wallis's main motive is to get poetry into places it's not normally seen.


House of Holland
House of Holland

About me: 

- Rangy, with an eye on the main chance and ruthless in the pursuit of my own convenience. 

- Like cats but don’t eat nearly enough veg. 

- Would like to meet: you.


(I leave it to you to decide which of these are false)


Age?  28


Sex?  Always


Location?  Hackney, in a converted factory

Here for? Substance


Orientation? Gay/Portrait

House of Holland
House of Holland

Who would you like to meet?  W. H. Auden


Who would be in your Top 8?  Everyone I've loved.


Who are your heroes?  The man who can rise with the first ring of the alarm


Describe yourself using one quote…  


“Stars. Or rather, the drains of heaven – waiting. Little holes. Little centuries opening just enough for us to slip through.”

― Ocean Vuong, Night Sky with Exit Wounds


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Photography by Eddie Bovingdon